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There are many reasons that companies, organizations, business owners or property managers need to contain or separate specific areas, rooms or spaces.  With over 20 years of experience in the containment industry we can handle your project in a cost effective and timely fashion. Our proprietary material and SpecCon® Containment System has been installed all over the United States and abroad. No job is too small or complex for Specialized Containment!

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What is the SpecCon® Containment System?

Our proprietary material

If there is a need to contain or separate an area but a traditional wall isn’t an option for any reason – the SpecCon® system is a cost effective solution. Our SpecCon® system is sealed up top to bottom and side to side to ensure an airtight seal.

  • Will not mold or mildew
  • Will not stretch or rot
  • Allows light to pass through
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick & easy installation!
System Benefits

Our Services

With over 20 years of experience in the Containment Industry we can handle your project in a cost effective and timely fashion.

General Containment

Specialized Containment is a specialty firm that provides full turn key containment solutions for areas that need to be contained, sectioned off or separated from other areas for any reason. The wires, ducts, cable trays, vent pipes, sprinkler piping, joists, beams and or girders are cut around and then sealed 100% to prevent any air migration from one space into that space. All penetrations through the system are cut around resealed regardless of shape, size or quantity. Cost effective fabric doors are available for egress or for passage if required.

We offer static fabric doors as well as fabric doors that deploy using a combination of gravity and UL Listed fusible links. 

Dust/Particle Containment

Many manufacturing facilities need to contain areas that produce or create dust or airborne particles. Often containment is implemented to improve the efficiency of the current exhaust system or to simply contain the area so that cleaning is easier or so that particles or gasses don’t migrate into other work areas, clean areas or packaging & storage areas.

Mold Remediation & Asbestos Abatement

When remediation and abatement companies perform their work, many times containment is required of certain spaces. The SpecCon® system is more of a heavy duty solution that will withstand the force exerted by using negative air machines and air scrubbers. The SpecCon® system is constructed of a proprietary fiberglass fabric that will not mold or mildew and is also non-combustible. Many
times poorly constructed poly containment systems will fail which can cost lost time and money to reclean areas and reconstruct the failed containments.

Most remediation and abatement firms excel in their specialty field but not installing proper containment systems. Many times poly contaminants are also not an option due to the flammability concerns associated with poly. Having completed specialized containments for many remediation and abatement firms – we can get your space contained and sealed up so that remediation and abatement can begin.

Temporary or Permanent Walls

During initial construction or once construction is complete many times a wall is needed between areas or spaces and a traditional frame built wall isn’t practical or realistic. Our system is perfect in these scenarios. They are aesthetically pleasing enough to leave permanently or they can be easily removed if needed once construction is complete. New or future penetrations are easy to make and reseal and unlike a framed wall – if they need to be removed for any reason anyone can quickly and safely remove them with no mess or airborne debris!

Smoke Containment

Certified through independent labs as a Class A Building Materials and tested to be non-combustible per ASTM the System has been used all over the United States as a draft curtain or smoke containment solution. Whether the intent is to capture smoke residue and fumes or to potentially stop the spread of smoke in the case of a fire – this is a perfect solution. With zero air permeability the SpecCon® material will not allow smoke, gasses or air to pass through the material.


The SpecCon® system is a perfect application for draftstopping in the plenum or attic space of any structure. The SpecCon® system will prevent the lateral spread of air preventing it from traveling along the ridge to other areas of the structure. The lightweight nature of the system also allows for installation in existing structures without adding any significant weight to the structure. Installation in any sort of metal, steel or wooden construction is typical and can be done expediently. 

Data & Testing Results

(reports available upon request)

The SpecCon® fabric and system have been evaluated and meet or exceed the criteria for the following ASTM tests. 

  • ASTM E84 – Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials 
  • ASTM E136 – Assessing Combustibility of Building Materials 
  • ASTM E2178 – Assessing for Air Permeance

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