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Full Turn-Key Containment Solutions

Specialized Containment is a specialty firm that provides full turn key containment solutions for areas that need to be contained, sectioned off or separated from other areas for any reason. With over 20 years of experience in the containment industry we can handle your project in a cost effective and timely fashion. Our proprietary material and SpecCon® Containment System has been installed all over the United States and abroad. No job is too small or complex!

What is the SpecCon® Containment System?

Our proprietary material

If there is a need to contain or separate an area but a traditional wall isn’t an option for any reason – the SpecCon® system is a cost effective solution. Our SpecCon® system is sealed up top to bottom and side to side to ensure an airtight seal.

  • Will not mold or mildew
  • Will not stretch or rot
  • Allows light to pass through
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick & easy installation!
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Why Choose Specialized Containment?

With our knowledge, experience and on-staff engineer, Specialized Containment is able to help you include the SpecCon® Containment System as an integral part of your design.

We have well over 100 different connections and details for practically any situation or field condition. We can also help customize or create any connection detail that may be needed for your specific project.

Our Services

Containment Solutions Using the SpecCon® Containment System

General Containment

There are many reasons for the need to contain or separate specific areas, rooms or spaces. Using over 20 years of experience the SpecCon® system is sealed up top to bottom and side to side to ensure an airtight seal.

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Dust/Particle Containment

Improve the efficiency of your exhaust system, contain the area so that cleaning is easier, or restrict particles and gasses from spreading thoroughout your facility.

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Mold Remediation
& Asbestos Abatement

Having completed specialized containments for many remediation and abatement firms – we can get your space contained and sealed up so that remediation and abatement can begin.

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Temporary or Permanent Walls

During initial construction or once construction is complete many times a wall is needed between areas or spaces and a traditional frame built wall isn’t practical or realistic. Our system is perfect in these scenarios.

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Smoke Containment

With zero air permeability the SpecCon® material will not allow smoke, gasses or air to pass through the material.

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The SpecCon® system will prevent the lateral spread of air, preventing it from traveling along the ridge to other areas of the structure.

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Data Testing Results

The SpecCon® fabric and system have been evaluated and meet or exceed the criteria for several ASTM tests.

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Discover the benefits of the SpecCon® Containment System

  • Certified as a Class A Material per ASTM
  • Certified as non-combustible per ASTM
  • Certified zero air permeability per ASTM
  • Installation requires no welding, “hot work”, sanding, priming or painting
  • Installation is very quick and easy
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With over 20 years in the specialized containment industry, we can help with your project, no matter the size, and offer complete turn-key solutions.

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